Reference Maintain Snapshot’ Option Fails With “Incorrect number of arguments” Error (Doc ID 1925217.1) Maintain snapshot (adadmin): This feature allows you to record the current set of files and file […]

The Orainventory is the location for the OUI’s Book keeping to stores information about all the Oracle software products installed on all ORACLE_HOMES on a machine, and Other non-oracle products […]

Introduction to Output Post Processor (OPP): Concurrent processing uses the Output Post Processor (OPP) to enforce post-processing actions for concurrent requests. Post-processing actions are actions taken on concurrent request output. An […]

Gather Schema Statistics

In Oracle Database when there is something called Cost Based Optimizer (CBO) which other than doing many things also does query optimization. That is it determines the best or optimum […]


Solution: Solution to remove the error message (FRM-92095: Oracle JInitiator version too low…) with Java 7. In the Java Control Panel Tab ‘Java’ Button ‘View…’ Add this in […]

Reference: Note: 307149.1 – How AutoConfig sets profile option ‘ICX: Session Timeout’ Idel Session mean? If EBS client is not doing any transaction for some time then session is called […]

Every Oracle e-Business Suite DBA need to execute these steps after the cloning of Oracle EBS Instance. Update/mask email address so non-prod instance don’t send email to users. Update WF_NOTIFICATIONS […]

Reference Note: 201945.1 – How To List E-Business Suite Profile Option Values For All Levels Using SQLPlus Note: 470102.1 – How To Check If a Profile Option Is Set In […]

For blocking session most important is to find out which session is getting blocked and which is holding the session. Locks on rows can cause performance problems or even hamper a […]

How to Create a Custom Concurrent Manager Reference: How to Create a Custom Concurrent Manager [ID 170524.1] A. Define Concurrent Manager

B. Assign workshift Work Shift : Standard Processes […]

Select the current redo file and size

Add Redo log group

Here are some of the MOS Notes which as further details about this issue. How To Fix Missing Responsibilities For A User (Doc ID 429852.1 ) Missing Responsibilities after 12.1.3 […]

Reference: Note: 260887.1 – How to Clean Nonexistent Nodes or IP Addresses From FND_NODES Why we need to clean FND_NODES table post cloning? Because this table contains the IP Addresses […]

Hi DBA, Below is the simple method to remove the parameter from spfile

Below is the grep command to check the parameters in spfile