I was getting below error while running adop phase=prepare

Cause: Database parameter local_listener was not set, it was null Solution: Check and set the value for the local_listener parameter […]

EBS R12.2.X Log Locations

Log files file Online patching (adop): The adop log files are located on the non-editioned file system (fs_ne), under:

This log directory will […]

During the recent R12.2 project we have notice many issues with the adop session and here are some of the solution for those know errors. Issue 1: txkSetConfig.pl – is […]

Steps to get the file version from OAM   Login to Application and chose ‘OAM Setup/ Dashboard‘     Select the Maintenance tab and ‘File History‘ menu   Enter file […]

Issue: httpd: error while loading shared libraries: libdb.so.2

Error Information


Error information from the log file

Solution: A) check if lib file is installed as […]

There are three ways to get this log. Option1: From the server Login to Apps User and source environment file

Where: is the concurrent process id of the manager […]

Oracle E-Business Suite delivers a number of profile options which may full fill the basic need of password security: Signon Password Case: This profile will enable case sensitivity for password. […]

After applying the patch when we query the v$version table it’s display the ORACLE_HOME version but it doesn’t display the information about patchset. Check the version table:

We can […]

Reference: Note: 1223753.1 – Why Can’t Users Enable Forms Trace in 12.1.3 ? Note: 1326099.1 – How To Get Access To Help- Examine – Custom Code- Personalizations in R12.1.3 Note: […]

Oracle Support has provide many scripts which can make DBA life a bit relax and here are some from them. EBS Workflow (WF) Analyzer: The Workflow Analyzer is a Self-Service Health-Check […]

Oracle EBS - JRE Issue

This is usual Issue for all Oracle Application DBA encounter at least once in his life (For me every quarter). Users complain that they are not able to open the oracle […]

Reference: Note: 1963046.1 – How To Check if a Patch is Applied in 12.2.x? In eBusiness Suite (EBS) 12.2.x you cannot query the AD_BUGS table to check if patches have […]

Reference: Note: 745711.1 – Forms Process (FRMWEB) Consumes 100% of CPU in Oracle Applications R12 Note: 384241.1 – Using Forms Socket Mode with Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12 Oracle E-Business […]

CPU resources ————- HP : ioscan -C processor | grep processor | wc -l Solaris : psrinfo -v|grep “Status of processor”|wc -l Linux : cat /proc/cpuinfo|grep processor|wc -l AIX : […]