Who is blocking other users

For blocking session most important is to find out which session is getting blocked and which is holding the session.

  • Locks on rows can cause performance problems or even hamper a transaction from finishing, when there are processes running for long time we need to validate that they are not waiting on a row(s).
  • When there is a lock on a row there is also a lock on the dependent objects, if we want to perform a DDL on a locked object we will get an ORA-00054 error.

Check before executing command – make sure you are running command into the database which you are intended to.

Find the SID which are getting blocked by the blockers

Find the SQL Text which is blocked

Get the other details about the session: sid, serail#, osuser, machine and their status (Active/Inactive)

Check the session holders & waiters

kill the holder session

*if multiple sessions to kill

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