Recreate the OraInventory

The Orainventory is the location for the OUI’s Book keeping to stores information about all the Oracle software products installed on all ORACLE_HOMES on a machine, and Other non-oracle products such as Java Runtime env’s (JRE)

Global Inventory – Global Inventory holds information about Oracle Products on a Machine, The inventory contains the high level list of all oracle products installed on a machine such as ORACLE_HOMES or JRE.
Local Inventory – Inventory inside each Oracle Home is called as local Inventory or ORACLE_HOME Inventory. This Inventory holds information to that ORACLE_HOME only.

To Recreate the oraInventory

1) Locate the oraInst.loc file, which may be in different locations, depending on your system:
a) Solaris/HP – /var/opt/oracle/oraInst.loc
b) Linux – /etc/oraInst.loc

2) Modify the file oraInst.loc file

3) Change the permissions to be appropriate

4) Run Oracle Universal Installer from your Oracle home to attech ORACLE_HOME

5) Check if OraInventory is created

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