EBS R12.2 - java.io.IOException: DP_POLL failed for /dev/poll

Issue : WebLogic Admin and Managed servers logs are too huge.. and log file is filled with below eror

Cause: Intermittent Failure of OACore Services There is a known […]

EBS 12.2.x Log purging command

Solution B: Apply this solution in last when the above one doesn’t work.

Oracle EBS 12.2.5 – error reported while deploying and un-deploying REST Web Service Solution:

Issue Cause:


Oracle Process Manager and Oracle HTTP Server Log Files To gather the log files for OPMN and OHS services, run the following command as the owner of the application tier […]

Google Chrome 35 is certified for web-based content with Oracle E-Business Suite You can open the Oracle OA Pages in Google chrome but opening the Oracle forms required to install […]

I was getting below error while running adop phase=prepare

Cause: Database parameter local_listener was not set, it was null Solution: Check and set the value for the local_listener parameter […]

EBS R12.2.X Log Locations

Log files file Online patching (adop): The adop log files are located on the non-editioned file system (fs_ne), under:

This log directory will […]

During the recent R12.2 project we have notice many issues with the adop session and here are some of the solution for those know errors. Issue 1: txkSetConfig.pl – is […]

Steps to get the file version from OAM   Login to Application and chose ‘OAM Setup/ Dashboard‘     Select the Maintenance tab and ‘File History‘ menu   Enter file […]

Issue: httpd: error while loading shared libraries: libdb.so.2

Error Information


Error information from the log file

Solution: A) check if lib file is installed as […]

There are three ways to get this log. Option1: From the server Login to Apps User and source environment file

Where: is the concurrent process id of the manager […]

Oracle E-Business Suite delivers a number of profile options which may full fill the basic need of password security: Signon Password Case: This profile will enable case sensitivity for password. […]

Reference: Note: 1223753.1 – Why Can’t Users Enable Forms Trace in 12.1.3 ? Note: 1326099.1 – How To Get Access To Help- Examine – Custom Code- Personalizations in R12.1.3 Note: […]