Oracle DB/RAC

Here is the command to automatic stop and start Oracle database when server stop and start 1. Create ENV File

2. add entry in .bash_profile

3. create script […]

Issue : ORA-00205: error in identifying control file, check alert log for more info Message:

Alert log Content :


After applying the patch when we query the v$version table it’s display the ORACLE_HOME version but it doesn’t display the information about patchset. Check the version table:

We can […]

The Orainventory is the location for the OUI’s Book keeping to stores information about all the Oracle software products installed on all ORACLE_HOMES on a machine, and Other non-oracle products […]

For blocking session most important is to find out which session is getting blocked and which is holding the session. Locks on rows can cause performance problems or even hamperĀ a […]

Select the current redo file and size

Add Redo log group

Here are some of the MOS Notes which as further details about this issue. How To Fix Missing Responsibilities For A User (Doc ID 429852.1 ) Missing Responsibilities after 12.1.3 […]

Hi DBA, Below is the simple method to remove the parameter from spfile

Below is the grep command to check the parameters in spfile